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Adam and eve like ying and yang
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Artistic wall parget
Mauris pretium
Rug from keys
Contrasts 1
Woman with apple
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Online Platform for Independent Professional Artist (OPIPA) is a membership-based online platform and website. Become a full member of OPIPA.com every artist obtain with own subdomain and mini website with four pages: Gallery, Biography, Events and Contact. He can create, manage and change the subject, data and images in these pages at any time without programming skills. The full members of OPIPA.com have a right to vote for or against new inclusion. Every member gain access to password-protected area where can find and share useful news for artist opportunities, exhibitions, competitions, symposiums, workshops and art festivals. There is an annual membership fee reckoned from the date of artist inclusion.


The mission of OPIPA.com is to support and promote worldwide independent professional artists by giving them the opportunity to showcase their work. Its design and structure focused exclusively on the artist and his work. Created like technical ease of use online platform OPIPA.com enable artist to manage and update quite alone his own online gallery and mini website. The platform actively works to be a valuable resource for not only artists, but also the art lovers, art collectors, galleries, interior designers and architects, gathering in one place limited exceptional group of independent professional artists.


OPIPA.com responsibility is to persist in his work to be a well known valuable place in the network where everyone can find limited number of excellent professional artists and examine closely with their work.

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